Ed Tech Inquiry Statement

pinterest ex

How can social media be successfully incorporated in an art classroom?

Approach: Delve into how social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest, can be utilized as resources for artistic inspiration, spaces for critique and collaboration, and showcase art in a visual timeline/archive format.

Experts and collaborators:
Sophia Buddenhagen, my high school art and Painting teacher
Alexandra Robinson, my Drawing II professor
– Wendy Dooldeniya, Travis High School art and AP Photography teacher
Gayle Allen, blogger, writer, entrepreneur

Format: The final format will be a comprehensive blog post detailing the information I have gathered. For the interviews, I’ll meet with Ms. Dooldeniya (and her students) and Alex in person. Since Ms. B is in Houston, I’ll  interview her via email.

insta ex
Instagram process post from Alex Robinson

April 20: Initial interview with Alex
Email Ms. Dooldeniya to set up meeting time
Email Ms. B

April 25: Transcribe interview with Alex
Annotate sources found
Skype call with Gayle
Transcribe interview with Gayle

April 27: Meet with Ms. Dooldeniya at Travis HS
Transcribe interview with Ms. Dooldeniya

April 30: Have all sources annotated
Begin creating blog post


May 8: Fix any minor issues with the blog post and prepare for presentation

May 9: Inquiry statement presentations


Using Social Media to Teach Visual Literacy in the 21st-Century Classroom

10 Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

SocialEdCon: What the Heck Do We Do With Social Media?


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